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Jafar Panahi’s Film “Offside”


نگاهی به فیلم آفساید جعفر پناهی به بهانه دغدغه همیشگی زنان و فوتبال در ایران

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Media and Journalism

ELLE, movie review.

نقد و بررسی فیلم ؛او؛

در فیلم او، کارگردان توقع و انتظار تماشاگر را به مسیر غیر قابل پبش بینی هدایت می کند تا روی رابطه تاریک بین تجاوزگر و قربانی نگاهی متقاوت داشته باشد.

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Creative Writing

Farangis Siahpour and the Power of Collaboration

Iranian Filmmaker Siahpour and the Power of Collaboration

By Howard Cincotta, Special Correspondent,


This is the second in a series of profiles of writers from the Middle East who attended the 2010 International Writing Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa. These profiles are based in large part on interviews conducted by the IWP staff.

Washington – Making films is inherently a collaborative process involving people from many different disciplines, but for Iranian filmmaker and writer Farangis Siahpour, collaboration is a way of life as much as a mode of artistic expression.

Iranian filmmaker and writer Farangis Siahpour, a participant in the 2010 International Writing Program, considers collaboration a way of life as much as artistic expression.


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