Farangis Siahpour is an independent filmmaker, writer, actress and an enthusiastic instructor of Persian language and culture.  Farangis has worked as a professional linguist in a variety of fields for the last 5 years in California. As a leading media analyst in the Persian language world, she anchored, wrote and produced daily television programs.

She was born and raised in Iran. For her first Master’s degree, she made the short film, The Day After Tomorrow, which was chosen as the best student film of 2008 at Tehran University. Her next short, Situation, was made for her second master’s degree, at the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts in Jordan, and was credited as being an outstanding short film about gender discrimination in the Middle East.

Farangis’s impressions of society and finding her place in the world regardless of geographical and ideological boundaries led her to pen a collection of short stories, It Passes You By.

Her works led to an invitation to the International Writing Program in Iowa in 2010, where, along with thirty-two artists worldwide, she shared her films and her vision with university students across America.

She is an independent scholar and her works have been published in Academia.edu.  Her short stories appeared in Eleven Eleven, Newsvine and Yumpu, while her play, From Iran with Love, was performed at the Portland stage Company.  Her feature screenplay, Strange Gathering, was staged in Global Express Festival in Iowa City.

As a TV host and producer, Farangis’s TV shows features for the Persian Network Group in Los Angeles and airs worldwide.


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